Your Money Positive Home

Guided Visualization

This guided visualization invites you to step into your new Money-Positive home.

You see, the primitive parts of our brain will allow us to engage in a better self-image, belief, and behavior only if it is safe.

To the survival part of our brain, everything new and different is…well…a risk.

So, our primitive brain stops us subconsciously from stepping into a new self, a new belief, and new behaviors. We wonder why we can’t just do what we want!

“Your Money-Positive Home” is a guided visualization that allows all parts of you and your relationships to experience fully and completely your money-positive home.

It gives you the opportunity to examine your close relationships and their impact on your success.

And most importantly, it allows you to create a place in your brain that is ready to become the financial success you want.

How to get this Guided Visualization