Welcome, Introduction and Your Outcomes

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.”  - Tony Robbins

The Challenge:

The challenge most traders face is they don’t know how to focus on what really matters and measure their efforts towards success. The markets are a complex adaptive system and our human brains are also a complex adaptive system. As a result, the variables become overwhelming. Most traders will change strategies, indicators, gurus, forums and advisory services in an endless cycle searching for success, not realizing what factors are critical to their progress.

Desired Outcome:

Over the last two decades we have prioritized the issues that almost all traders face and have created this training, which invites you to step off of the hamster wheel and start making genuine progress. This course enables you to easily ascertain the areas of change that are likely to produce the most effective behavioral and trading results. By re-framing issues, creating priorities and using simulations and exercises, traders are able to make progress that feels better and gets them to their goals.

Mind Muscle Development:

This is a “Confidence” muscle. This muscle produces confidence in your ability to make the changes that make the biggest difference.


The duration of this course depends on a number of variables...including your time available, your use of the applications and your intention to keep moving through personal changes that make a real difference. You can expect it will take six to eight weeks to integrate the concepts and then you can continue to use the Mind Metrics application for as long as needed.

Course Instructions:

Please take the lessons in the order presented.

Goals versus Process

One of the themes that will emerge as you continue through this course is "Goals versus Process." I am inviting you to make a significant shift in your state of mind. This shift moves the focus on a goal (i.e. making $500 a day) to a step-by-step process of continual internal improvements.

James Clear articulates this invitation very well. Please read and consider how this shift will impact your every day decision process.


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